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CONSULTING — Business Health Check

CONSULTING — Business Health Check

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Do you know if your business will still exist in some years based on your current set-up?


In this 1:1 series, designed especially for those of you running a creative business, we work with you to get a realistic diagnosis of the financial health of your business. Through the combination of a Workshop and Virtual Session with Bespoke Consultations, we’ll help you get a “feet on the ground” insight into the financial strength of your business, plus a valuable “head in the sky” panoramic view of how your business compares to others in your field.


It can feel equally overwhelming and non-urgent to delve into the financial health of business’, especially if the day to day work is flowing (and demanding). But long term success depends on us being savvy when it comes to the financial health of our business, not just for the next months but for the next few years. These 1:1 sessions will help you to get to that place where you have full financial transparency of your business and industry.


  • 1 x 30 min Virtual Onboarding Session: An intro call to get to know you and prep for the Workshop
  • 3 x 90 min Virtual Workshop: We’ll dive into key concepts regarding revenue, expenses, profit and cash flow. As well as common revenue streams, how to best identify and categorize costs, how to measure profit and some essential cash flow management tips.
  • 3 x 45 min Virtual Sessions with Bespoke Consultation: After the input and insights gathered in each workshop we will take a deeper look into your data with Google Sheets. We will then give you tailored advice based on the analysis of your business to identify the strengths and weaknesses with strategic recommendations for how you can future proof your business.
  • Takeaway Content: After the workshop you will receive the presentation so you can refer back to it and all of the key concepts and takeaways at your leisure.

PRECONDITION: You’ll need to have your financial docs and data gathered together.

COMPANY SIZE: If you're current company size exceeds 10 team members, please reach out to us for a custom quote.

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