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NOTION TEMPLATE — Business Compass

NOTION TEMPLATE — Business Compass

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If you were asked to send a monthly report of expenses and income, could you hit send on it in an hour?


Ideal for creative freelancers and small businesses, this simple tool provides you with a very valuable overview of your money in, your money out, plus the budget needed to spend your hard earned cash on the things that bring you joy.


Let’s face it, mental arithmetics are exhausting. Each time you want to invest in yourself, your business, or just take a well needed break, you are having to try and figure out whether there's enough cash in the bank to make it happen. N-K “Business Compass” is like turning on a light in a dark room, with one flick of a switch you have total vision.


  • Notion Template: Easy to use and easy to access.
  • (Optional) 1 x 45 min Fast Track to Financial Clarity Session: A 1:1 call with Nea-Kosma's founders giving you customized tips for your financial management and expert insights based on your filled Business Compass Notion template.
  • A simple money management template covering:
    • Income Tracker: aka Money In - See the money you are making rolled up into the following criteria, overall income/project/service/month
    • Expense Tracker: aka Money Out - Review the money you are spending on various expenses by the following criteria, overall expenses/category/month
    • Budgeting Overview: Lets you see how much money you spend on each expense category vs. the budget you have allocated to that category.
    • General Overview: A succinct summary of money in, money out (based on both trackers), and how much cash you have left (perhaps for that little summer trip you’ve been dreaming of!).
    • Customisable Template: Make it your own. Our template can be adjusted as you see fit to suit your specific needs

Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with access to your template.

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