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SHEETS TEMPLATE — Hourly Rate Calculator

SHEETS TEMPLATE — Hourly Rate Calculator

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Are you getting paid enough to actually cover all of the cost of running a business including your own salary?


Ideal for Freelancers and Small Businesses, our tried and tested hourly rate tracker will help you take the guesswork out of your pricing strategy.


We hate to see you underpaying yourself. Too often we notice our clients are working to hourly rates that are a default of their clients budgets, rather than it being a fair representation of the value of their time and expertise. Or, perhaps you're pricing yourself out of the market for some of your services and you can afford to diversify some of your rates and attract new and interesting clients. With our Hourly Rate Calculator you will be able to determine your REAL working hours and create a hourly rate which reflects that.


  • Google Sheet Template: Comprehensive and easy to use.
  • (Optional) Practical Tips Slides: Get the our Practical Tips Slides to access the background business knowledge regarding hourly rates. They include the do's and dont's of hourly calculation, reflection questions to guide you, and inside tips on how to make sure your calculation is accurate.
  • (Optional) 1 x 45 min Fast Track to Financial Clarity Session: A 1:1 call with Nea-Kosma's founders giving you customized tips for your hourly rate and expert insights based on your filled Hourly Rates Google Sheets template.
  • Our proprietary user friendly template covering:
    1. Cost Allocation: Identify all costs directly and not directly tied to providing your service/product/project.
    2. Chargeable Hours: Understand what hours can be charged to clients to cover, time spent on admin, holiday, continuing education and more.
    3. Profit Allocation +: Add-in percentage you aim to keep as profit (profit margin) + additional percentage to cover unexpected costs (buffer).
    4. Personal Costs: Calculate your personal costs to ensure your hourly rate also includes cover for your personal needs.

Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with access to your template.

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