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SHEETS TEMPLATE — Profitability Tracker

SHEETS TEMPLATE — Profitability Tracker

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Are you ready to get real about the profitability of your business?


Ideal for Freelancers and Small Businesses, our sweet (hopefully not sour) Profitability Tracker will help you get clear on whether or not your business is turning the profit results you desire.


If you find yourself unsure about how to establish the right balance between the number of commercial and passion projects you say “Yes!” to, our Profitability Tracker is about to be your go to tool. Here at Nea-Kosma we are dedicated to assisting Creatives in establishing new parameters when it comes to defining Value, Meaningful Work and Profitability. With this in mind our proprietary tracker includes space for your own definition of profitability, which we recognise includes numerical and non-numerical factors. With our tracker you can confidently discern when to say Yes or No to a new project request, based on all factors that are important to you.


  • Google Sheet Template: Tried, tested, comprehensive and easy to use.

  • (Optional) Practical Tips Slides: Get the our Practical Tips Slides to access the background business knowledge regarding profitability. They include the do's and dont's of calculating your profitability, reflection questions to guide you, and inside tips on how to make sure you define profitability by your own terms.
  • (Optional) 1 x 45 min Pathway to Profitability Session: A 1:1 call with Nea-Kosma's founders giving you customized tips for how to optimise your profitability and expert insights based on your filled Profitability Tracker Google Sheets template
  • Our proprietary user friendly template covering:
    1. Your income by projects: See which project brings you the most money
    2. Your total expenses by month: See which month your spending has been the highest
    3. Your net profit & general profit margin: Understand if what you're doing actually pays off financially
    4. Your own profitability to see if the project was profitable TO YOU next to time and money: Add in your own personal success factors outside of a financial point of view.

Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with access to your template.

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